Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Lunar New Year - Part 2

It has come to Chor 1 (the first day of the Year of the Snake). My mum and dad and I had done all the decoration for the New Year.

We stuck Fai Chun onto the Wall of our home. They are some hand written ones with lovely blessings for Good Health, Good Fortune and the Sufficiency of Food.


We put chocolates, candies and seeds (瓜子) into the red box (全盒). This box is for serving relatives who are visiting. We would serve it with Chinese tea.

My mum and dad gave me their red pockets (also Lai See) wishing me all the best for the coming year! The red pockets look very lovely! I usually keep it un-opened till the end of the year.
And, we had family gathering with my brothers and their family members.

I always think Chinese New Year is the most lovely moment throughout the Year. It is full of laughters and blessings. People will greet others by saying Kung Hei Fa Choi and wishing them good luck. Family members will gather together for dinners. I love Chinese New Year much!

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