Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Lunar New Year - Part 3

It has come to Chor 2 of the Chinese New Year. As my family's usual practice, we went to Tai O of Hong Kong, which is called the Venice of Hong Kong. It is a very famous attraction spot in Hong Kong which I strongly recommend to people who are visiting Hong Kong. It is very beautiful!

The reason why I had to go to Tai O on Chor 2 was that all my family memebers are rooted in Tai O and every year on Chor 2, we would gather together. Greeting one another and have family lunch together.

There would be Lion Dance on the street in Tai O every year!


My relatives have given me lots of laisee! Lucky me!

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  1. i like the photos very much and it is interesting to see what takes place during this holiday! The lion is very cool!