Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Custom Wedding Stamp - project number 1

Nothing lovelier than making custom stamp for wedding!! Recently I worked on 2 projects. Let's talk about Julie's one first.

I have been making stamps for Julie for many times. All for her wedding. Her first order was just some standard wedding stamps in my shop.

Then, I received her Etsy convo that she would like a stamp that says "Thank You" to fit on a 3x4 notecard. I have tried to stamp on a 3X4 notecard. It looks soooooo great and lovely!

After not long, she send me message that she would like to do a crazy stamping project making all capitalized 2 inch letters. They are for a surprise to her husband. She could stamp a line of our song on an old piece of barn wood that she just found.
How lucky his husband is to receive a lovely piece of work from her!! She is wonderful!!

 The set of giant letter stamp
The line of song for her husband

I can feel the love inside Julie's story. Honored that I was given this chance to be part of her wedding. During our communication of the design, Julie give me 100% trust. A amazing experience with her. <3

Thank you, Julie! Love you!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

my loveliest set of ink pads

I have been asked about what inks I am using.

These are the loveliest set of ink pads I have!!

My ink pads are from VersaCraft from Japan. You could have a look at them in this link:

I especially love this sets of stamp which can be fit into fingers. Blending of different colors can be made very easily. Moreover, they could be used on fabrics. I could stamp on cotton bags as packing of my items!!

this is for the packing of Halloween collection of SoftTear

Sunday, October 13, 2013

theKeris & SoftTear are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram~!!

I have opened my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for both Etsy shops theKeris and SoftTear. Although the pages are all so news that not much could be found at the moment...... but...

DO come and find me, like me, follow me~!!! I need all your support soooooooo much!




Thursday, October 10, 2013

Woo~ SoftTear on the Front Page of Etsy!!

Have been away from my Blogger for long. A great and wonderful news caused me to come back here to share~~ my shop SoftTear was on the front page of Etsy!!  It's so amazing!! Oh, I couldn't believe it!!

I know many of the Etsy shopkeepers have this experience. Maybe there have already been many times that it is just a piece of cake for them. But for me, I feel sooooooo wonderful!! Thanks to Rebeca!!

My shop SoftTear has been opened for nearly 2 years. Every bit in building this shop is uneasy for me. It's my first shop. (Then, I opened theKeris.) I needle felted every billy ball flowers with only my own pair of hands. I, who is a layman in phototaking, took those pictures you are seeing in my shop. I added more items bit by bit.

um... I can tell you... I love ALL my works in SoftTear sooooo much!!