Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Custom Wedding Stamp - project number 1

Nothing lovelier than making custom stamp for wedding!! Recently I worked on 2 projects. Let's talk about Julie's one first.

I have been making stamps for Julie for many times. All for her wedding. Her first order was just some standard wedding stamps in my shop.

Then, I received her Etsy convo that she would like a stamp that says "Thank You" to fit on a 3x4 notecard. I have tried to stamp on a 3X4 notecard. It looks soooooo great and lovely!

After not long, she send me message that she would like to do a crazy stamping project making all capitalized 2 inch letters. They are for a surprise to her husband. She could stamp a line of our song on an old piece of barn wood that she just found.
How lucky his husband is to receive a lovely piece of work from her!! She is wonderful!!

 The set of giant letter stamp
The line of song for her husband

I can feel the love inside Julie's story. Honored that I was given this chance to be part of her wedding. During our communication of the design, Julie give me 100% trust. A amazing experience with her. <3

Thank you, Julie! Love you!

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