Thursday, October 10, 2013

Woo~ SoftTear on the Front Page of Etsy!!

Have been away from my Blogger for long. A great and wonderful news caused me to come back here to share~~ my shop SoftTear was on the front page of Etsy!!  It's so amazing!! Oh, I couldn't believe it!!

I know many of the Etsy shopkeepers have this experience. Maybe there have already been many times that it is just a piece of cake for them. But for me, I feel sooooooo wonderful!! Thanks to Rebeca!!

My shop SoftTear has been opened for nearly 2 years. Every bit in building this shop is uneasy for me. It's my first shop. (Then, I opened theKeris.) I needle felted every billy ball flowers with only my own pair of hands. I, who is a layman in phototaking, took those pictures you are seeing in my shop. I added more items bit by bit.

um... I can tell you... I love ALL my works in SoftTear sooooo much!!

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