Monday, November 25, 2013

SoftTear on eesome!!

As usual, I woke up and checked with my Etsy convo and order and so. I was so surprised and excited when I read convo from my customer Naomi from United Kindom!! She told me she wrote a blog on the little snowmen she bought from my store! She is awesome!!

The little snowmen are for her coming Christmas with her boyfriend. She would love to build up a mix of meaningful decorations. It's very lovely of her to have a idea of decorating the flat in their own characters. I am sooooo blessed that the little snowmen will be in the collection of meaning decorations!! Although Christmas has not come yet, I can feel the warmth and love in the flat there in UK!!

I personally love this set of snowmen so much. I needle felted them with my single pair of hands. They were given their own lives and own characters. Three of them are all loveliest ones, I can say!!

I opened shops in Etsy with the belief that my love inside my every little cute thing would be passed to my customers. Nothing more wonderful than to spread love. And this time, Naomi really touched me with her article! Love spreads~~!!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Naomi!
& last but not least, visit her lovely blog eesome~~!!!


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